Every individual has their unique strengths and qualities and these need to be nurtured.

About Queen's International

Queen’s International started in 1999 as a play centre for children under 5 years of age. Over the last 23 years Queen’s evolved into a full basic education school, with its students finishing at Junior High School moving on to the most renowned Secondary Schools in the country.
Queen’s has always strived through its structure, vision and objectives, to provide an educational experience immersed in nurture. Nourishing a child’s developmental stages to become well-rounded individuals. Stimulating young learners intellect, emotions and imagination Queens also focuses on self-awareness, confidence and community so young learners fully enjoy an all immersive learning experience.
Queen’s is a non-selective school believing a well-rounded education is not only achieved through academic knowledge. Queen’s believes every single child deserves the best opportunities alongside good education.

As a non-selective school, Queen’s welcomes children from all walks of life. We accesses the individual needs of each child fully embracing the different needs of all our pupils. Every individual has their unique strengths and qualities and these need to be nurtured. This is a core value at Queens. The learning atmosphere at Queens is one that strives to empower its learners and make them aware of their own strengths and weakness.

Learners are given the opportunity and understand that so called weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Mistakes are seen as lessons for growth and development, where judgement is not encouraged. Therefore young learners are encouraged to always be their best selves and to be proud of whom they are. This gives our students the confidence and abilities to excel in any space they find themselves in the future after life at Queen’s.

We offer a safe and comfortable environment and are an open, friendly, community-driven educational hub. Helping and supporting one another is vital core value and the well-being of students and pupils is at the heart of everything we do.

A strong sense of partnership between school and family aims to bring out the best in the children.
All our staff members provide an engaging environment and make learning enjoyable and purposeful which enables those at Queens to feel happy, safe to explore and succeed.
Our approach of using the local curriculum GES is very unique and gives them an outstanding edge to do more and acquire more by not emphasising on rote learning and memorising of information.
The school day is designed to build skills in all aspects of child development. The time the children spend playing or having meals, is just as valuable as lessons in the classroom.
All students are encouraged to take part in a variety of enriching opportunities including music (ABRSM), chess games, swimming, performances, excursions and trips. Our dedicated governors, PTA( Parent Teacher Association) and Friends of Queen’s play very active roles and provide strong support.

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Extracurricular activities

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